Selling Partner Cancellation Policy

By using (herinafter “Shop Loql”), you are agreeing to this policy, which is incorporated into our Selling Partner Participation Agreement.

Only Shop Loql can cancel a Shop Loql order; if you’re a customer who would like to request a cancellation, please contact Shop Loql at

Our Selling Partner Shipping Policy does not apply to sellers who have all of their items fulfilled by Shop Loql. If all your items are fulfilled by Shop Loql, disregard this policy.

All cancellations must follow these policies:

  • The item has not been shipped (delivered orders do not qualify for cancellation)
  • Only Shop Loql has the authority to determine when a refund is due to the customer, based on a partially filled or non-fulfilled order
  • The cancellation meets all of Shop Loql's policies, including our Anti-Discrimination Policy