Our Mission

When you shop LOQL, you're supporting your local dive bar, your favorite grub spot or your tranquil yoga studio. You're supporting communities.

LOQL was created to help small businesses by making their story and their merchandise more discoverable by the people that matter most, their loyal customers. We're partnering with business owners to do our part in ensuring they stand the test of time, through the tough times and the good times.

We're always looking for new creative ways to assist the communities we serve - whether it's our "Business of the Month" to highlight a business in need or providing merchandise for local fundraisers. Our mission is to keep the soul of our neighborhoods, the small businesses, alive.

Btw, LOQL isn't just for the kind-hearted, selfless shopper. It's for the trendy, "where did you get that?" fashionistas. Where can you find that unique, exclusive item that your friends are wondering about? You can find it on LOQL.


Know a small business in need? Send them this link to get in contact with us!